Seven Foundations of Personal Power

Seven foundations of personal power by Torsten Lueddecke Personal Power is different from power owed to a position held, a role in society …

Mr Manchester

CHAPTER SIX – life…. wtf?

CHAPTER 6 – life…. wtf? Diary insert from 5 February 2014 – “Couldn’t sleep again last night… migraine making me want to shoot …

Nicks birthday lunch on Table Mountain

CHAPTER FIVE – sibling love

CHAPTER FIVE – sibling love My stepsister, and Nick’s other half-sister, went to visit him for his birthday in November 2011. She …


Three Dimensions of Personal Freedom

The Three Dimensions of Personal Freedom – written by Torsten Lueddecke (Version 7 April 2015) Part One: Freedom from “Who we think we are” …

Baby-Shower-Ideas (4)

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower ideas to help get you started on organising a baby shower:) See more on Facebook and Pinterest.  


Trust is a way of being

Part 1: Trusting yourself and the natural flow and evolvement of life Trust is a way of being The definition of trust …


You will be ok

I’ve had more than my share of down days… and know what it’s like to feel like your world is ending… Here …


Life Quotes

A selection of my favourite quotes… “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait …


For the moms and dads ★

A selection of quotes, ideas and jokes for parents :) Quotes Ideas Magical Mystery Tours – My dad would take us the car …


Funny stuff

A collection of the ultimate best jokes, some of these still make me laugh out loud! There is the usual quirks from …