Book Review – 50 Shades of Grey

So I started reading 50 Shades of Grey yesterday…

This is after my Gynae told me last week that he recommends it to all his ladies! Later that week several more people commented about the book which piqued my interest to read it even more. Apparently this book will ‘change your sex life forever’. Well I finished the book this morning and have to admit that I am a little disappointed. ‘Women’ books are no stranger to me, hell I grew up reading Silhouette books after I first discovered the Danielle Steele novel ‘Riders’ in my mother’s bookcase!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great romantic story, and is certainly captivating, but I am just not sure what the hype is about. How can millions of people be going gaga over this book?  These kinds of books have been around forever and I have certainly read better written ones!

In saying that, I have to agree that it has changed my perception somewhat, it definitely gives you a sense of freedom to explore your own ideas in the bedroom;)

In summary, the writing is not great, but it successfully captures the thrill, insecurities and confusion in any new relationship where you are still trying to figure each other out and intertwine your lives whilst keeping your independence. It reminded me of when I met Richard and was just consumed with butterflies and excitement. I still get butterflies when I know he is coming home:)  It also opens your eyes to another world of sex and fantasy – waiting to be explored if you dare!

Despite the writing, I probably will be reading the next 2 books… I love a romance with some rough sex thrown in ;) haha


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