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A Tribute to Ossi Rubin

A tribute to the wonderful man who was my second dad – Ossi Rubin.

Driving to school every morning from Hout Bay along Victoria road to Camps Bay. Mainly in a happy silence, listening to Celine Dion belting out her beautiful french album… I knew the words by heart but had no idea what they meant. Sometimes with a car piled up with friends; Marco, Juliano, Brenton, Sian, Justine or Claudia.

Sitting with you on the bench in the evenings watching the koi fish. I still remember my excitement on the day you said I could have my own. I chose a yellow one and we called her Sunshine:)

The two of us sliding all over the rocks trying to clean the koi pond… you telling me to get in the icy water so I can cut the dreaded plant in the middle that just grew faster and faster every time I cut it! The amount of times we fell in… dogs running around barking with excitement and you shouting for me to be careful not to fall on the fish!

Cleaning the pool with you every week. It was our job!

Getting so frustrated that you would insist on driving behind me in the car when I rode Sassy late in winter. It was utterly humiliating to me at the time, but looking back I realise how much you must have loved me…. to come home from a long day at work and then have to crawl along in a car at 20km/h behind a walking horse so that you were sure no one would drive into the back of us at dusk.

Walking on the beach with you and the dogs, getting deep into discussions about life… how I would do anything to hear your voice again.

Laughing at the way it felt like the whole house would shake when you sneezed.

Cringing when you used to get so strict with the boys who came over to play pool everyday, even though I secretly loved it that they were all so terrified of you.

Silently giggling when you would get really cross and swear in Finnish. There was one that was my favourite. Spelling could be completely off but it was something like JUUMALAUTE!! hahaha

The way we smiled at each other in the mornings after you used to give me coins for tuck shop. I always had lunch but you would insist on giving me extra in case I wanted a chocolate 🙂

Incredulously watching you eat exactly the same breakfast. every. single. day. for years!!! was just utterly weird. I will never walk past a box of All Bran Flakes (or raisins) and not think of you:)

Hanging on the back of your bicycle seat to pick up speed with my rollerblades.

Sitting in the bathroom almost every morning watching you shave and then gel your hair.

Sitting in the backseat reminding you when to turn your brights off when you drove at night. As a driver I can only now appreciate how unbelievably irritating that must have been  and how much patience you had hahahaha. A backseat passenger in my car yelling brights every time they see another car approaching would definitely be kicked out;)

My memories of us fade more each year… I wish I had taken more pictures of you instead of just with my friends. I wish we had taken more family videos so I could show Nicholas WHO you were! I wish back then I had thought you were as cool as I do now, so I would have spent more time talking to you. I wish I had been old enough or wise enough to really show my appreciation and love for everything you did for me, before I lost you…

But ‘I wishes’ can only turn into life lessons, and I just have to believe you would be proud of who I am and how I am living my life.

RIP Ossi Rubin. You are still loved and missed… and you will never be forgotten.

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