About me

Hi!  I’m Andi:)

Welcome to my website! I hope that you enjoy browsing through it and that it can add some value & inspiration to your life in some way! :)

The SMILE category is a selection of quotes, articles and book reviews that I believe will help you find some light when things are dark.

The DREAM category are my passions… home improvement and travel. I aim to focus more on travel blogging and photo journalism this year which will be incorporated here.

The LOVE category is for animals, friends, family and charity.

The BLOG category shares my journey of discovery in self awareness. Through writing I found peace, through reading others’ struggles online I found self acceptance and the realisation that I am not alone in my struggles and thoughts on life. I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may too help someone out there not feel so alone.

In my search for happiness I will share what inspires me and hopefully motivate others to keep smiling, dreaming and loving. When times are tough, it is easy to forget that life is about having FUN!


Hire me! ツ

  • Website development
  • Social Media Management
    (Cart Horse Protection was awarded Best use of Social Media in Africa and Middle East by ESMA in 2013)
  • Photography
  • Short film production
    (Interview with Diana Truter)
  • Property management

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