Arrived in England!

In April 2018 we decided to make the move to England. By 28 June we had arrived! It was a huge thing to organise in such a short time, but spontaneous is my husband’s middle name 😉

I had never lived outside of Cape Town in my life so I was up for the adventure (in between periods of freaking out!!)

For our first few days here, we are staying with family friends who live in Bracknell. It is summer and the days are long and hot, totally not what I was expecting and so wonderful. It was a new experience for me to have the sun setting after 10pm and is already causing a little chaos with my baby’s sleeping schedule 🙂 On our second evening in England we decided to go to Windsor to explore a bit.

Windsor is busy and vibrant and everyone was taking full advantage of summer. This photo is just so reminiscent of my first experiences of being in England which is seeing castles and flowers! Flowers flowers everywhere. Can you tell I love flowers? and castles!! Two of my many favourite things.

We walked around the castle just to marvel at it, I find them absolutely fascinating. Then meandered down some narrow roads to have a laugh at all the crooked buildings and see what the souvenior shops had out on display. We turned a corner and suddenly the canal was in front of us, the sun gleaming off the water, a buzz in the air with everyone seemingly in full holiday mode. People to our left were making their way onto one of the boat tours and to our right there was a stunning collection of swans and ducks, enjoying the generosity of their admirers.

It was a wonderful evening and I was feeling the thrill of adventure and excited at all the new things I was about to experience.

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