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    Helping children choose friends

    This is a post in progress, inspired about a story I was reading regarding how important it is to surround yourself with others who uplift you and challenge you to be the best person you can be. (Similar concept to how the 5 people you spend the most time with are fundamentally who you become like) Some ideas below to consider as a discussion topic when your children are old enough to reflect on this. Who are the people you feel good around? Who are you able to relax and be yourself with? What do those people have in common? Who makes you laugh the most? Ultimately what we are…

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    Books to teach children kindness

    Stunning collection of books for children. I think many of these were originally posted on happyyouhappyfamily.com and I’ve included a few others x Stick and Stone – about the power of standing up for others Stand tall, Molly Lou Melon – Shows how kindness is a choice One – Embracing differences Strictly No Elephants – Helps kids think about the ramifications of excluding others and how it makes them feel. I Walk With Vanessa – a story about a simple act of kindness Nerdy Birdy – everyone deserves to be treated with kindness The Big Umbrella – shows how there is always room for including everyone The Smallest Girl In…

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    Coronavirus diary

    March 2020 I’ve been watching the numbers. Interesting how it went from about 5000 cases a day for a few days.. then 10 000… then suddenly it jumped to 20 000 every 24 hrs. UK is currently sitting on 5 018 cases. Yesterday the country went into lockdown. Everyone who can, is now working from home. Schools are closed. People are panic buying. There is a lot of anxiety. I’m not feeling panicky or anxious, but the seriousness of it is really starting to sink in. We’ve basically been in isolation for two weeks. Working from home with Russ while looking after Lily has its ups and downs. It is…

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    Some of my top suggestions of managing anxiety: Chat to a friend, create a worry hour, create a happy hour, be present, do calming activities, look at your physical health, clear the clutter, take action, coping with change, find time to laugh, reflect on past experiences, and give yourself space.

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    Lily’s first Easter egg hunt

    Such a collection of special moments for Easter 2020 as I set out cleaning up the garden to create an easter egg hunt for Lily. I ordered these super cute easter garden signs to make finding the eggs easier (she is only 2.5 years), mowed the lawn, painstakingly picked out all the weeds on the lawn (blisters for my efforts), and cut away a ton of growth at the back to try and make a path all the way around. I under estimated how much work this would involve but in the process created a magical little tree hideout and got to spend loads of quality time with Lily in…