Baby Essentials List

With the first of my close friends due to give birth in September, I’ve been doing a bit of baby shop hunting and stumbled across this Baby Essentials list. I’m not a mom (yet!) so can’t tell how useful it is, but it looks like it covers everything;) I hope it helps! Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you feel should be included on this list!


Maternity Band
Maternity / Nursing Wear
Nursing Bra’s
Feeding Cami’s
Under the Bump Undies
Travel Bag
Toiletries (Hospital List)


Large cot with adjustable base
Compactum with change top
Sufficient built in cupboards
Easy access shelving
Comfortable feeding chair (to become story time)
Mosquito net (preferably for summer babies)
Breathe Easy Cot mattress
Secure Change Mat Waterproof Inner
2 Change mat covers
3 Cot fitted sheets (ensure all linen is 100% cotton)
2 Duvet covers (décor in the beginning but will use later on)
2 Bumper covers
Breathe Easy Bumper Inner
Cot Wedge
Cot Tidy (Ideal for extra storage)
Laundry Bag
4 Cellular Blankets / Bamboo Blankets
6 Receiving Blankets (Lighter weight )
Donut (square or round )
Night Light
Nappy Stacker
Sleeping bags 0-6mnths
Cozybug 0-6mnths

Bath Time & Baby Care

Baby Bath
3 Towels
Bath sponge
Disposable nappy bucket
Eco Friendly nappies / Disposable nappies

Feeding Time

Bottle Warmer
6 to 8 Bottles
Bottle Brush
Teat Brush
Drying Rack
Microwave Sterilizer
Breast Pump
Breast Pads
Dummy Sterilizer
Soft coated baby spoons
Baby Bowls with lid
Burp bibs

On the move

Pram and Car Seat
Nappy Bag for mom and dad
Portable Bottle warmer
Bottle / Food Cooler Bag
Window shade for car window
Booster Seat / Pocket Size High Chair
Pouch Sling / Baby Wrap / Carrier
Travel Cot

Getting Dressed (Newborn, 0-3mnths, 3-6mnths etc)

Leggings / Top Sets
Lightweight jackets
Rompers (summer baby)
A minimum of 8 changes of clothing per age group


Cloth Books
Lightweight rattles to hold etc
Sensory Toys
General Baby Books

Take a look at How to help a new mom and Online Baby Shops SA.

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