Deal Castle

A flower shaped castle with a moat?! What’s not to love? I love moats! I’m not sure why, they make me think of beautiful castles just after sunset surrounded by water and a big drawbridge leading to the big wooden gates of the castle with flames on poles on either side of the entrance. A seemingly romantic time in our past where we rode horses, wore beautiful dresses, and there was no technology.

Deal Castle is actually an artillery fort built by Henry VIII in 1539 and formed part of the defense against invasion from France and the Holy Roman Empire. Unlike Dover Castle, which is surrounded by huge white cliffs, Deal Castle overlooks a beautiful stone beach and was a popular anchorage point for ships which also made it an ideal spot to land an army.

Visit the castle and then take a stroll along the beachfront toward the pier, it is a lovely way to spend the afternoon:)

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