Dream holiday diary #1

Wednesday: We leave for the airport at 6pm… as soon as we arrive I realise I forgot to pack any jewellery and left my beloved flower clips behind. My heart sinks. Typical Andi to find a negative and worry about something I have absolutely ZILCH control over now. HELLOOOOOO!!! The slogan on my website pops into my head for a second “Notice whats RIGHT in every situation”. I actually have a really good giggle at myself… Here I am going on a free 5 star holiday to the BUSH and I’m disappointed I left my HAIRCLIPS at home. I laugh some more and any worries melt away from my mind. We’re on HOLIDAY!!!!!! I see a plane taking off and the excitement hits me some more.

After checking in, we have a quick bite at Wimpy, and I unfortunately spot the Sweets from Heaven across the way… oh dear;) Richie limits me to two items… I have no self control when it comes to sugar. A 2 item limit doesnt help this time as I go for a monster sized Aero slab coupled with the biggest box of Smarties I have EVER seen 😀

Yay! The plane to Joburg is basically empty and we have the last 5 rows of seats to ourselves! After a few moments, the plane hits some bad weather and starts jumping around.  I suffer from motion sickness so flying makes me nervous at the best of times… The flying is fine for me, its the turbulence that makes me nauseous.. and once the nausea hits, you can say hello to SUPER BITCH;) In these cases it is best not to talk to me, as I will either shout at you or just ignore you. Rich seems to have learnt this well from Mauritius days as he quietly reaches for my hand. (did I mention that he is perfect?) I dont cope well with my motion sickness, and if I dont concentrate on NOT freaking out, I will end up having a panic attack.

After our in-flight snack, I stretch out on his lap. He’s sleeping already – it always amazes me how he can sleep anywhere! and upright. wtf? how do people do that?

After a while he wakes me up, saying the plane is descending & the air hostesses are going to wake me up when they see me lying down. Gee SHOT, couldnt you have just left it then for THEM to wake me up??! But I sit up and look out the window as the lights of Jhb start coming into view. We find our airport shuttle and head off to Emperors Palace to D’Oreal Hotel. We were greeted with such a warm welcome, and the receptionist lets us know that we have been upgraded to an Executive Suite with their compliments. Hell yea!!! As if we weren’t being spoilt enough already!! The room is amazing with a lounge, 2 bathrooms & everything you could ever want or need.

Oh whats this? Oh Earl DAHLING, we have a telephone in our bathroom!!! (wth?)

and look at our BATHTUB!!! It is similar to ours at home but it has JETS, and fits two people really nicely!!! I already feel relaxed:) Cant WAIT to arrive at Ulusaba tomorrow!!!!

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