Dream holiday diary #6


Very sad to be leaving this wonderful place today, but super excited that our adventure is not over yet as we pack our bags to leave for Zambia, Zimbabwe & Victoria Falls.

Johnny joins Rich & I for our last breakfast and then we head off to the Ulusaba airport to meet the shuttle who will drive us to Nelspruit airport. While we are waiting for the shuttle, we spot more Zebra. This must be just for me 😀 I am so happy right now that I got a last Zebra sighting before we left!

We say our final goodbyes to Dan & Johnny and I feel so sad to be leaving them! They feel like good friends now and it seems so weird that a few days ago we didn’t know them.

The first shuttle driver we have is called Excellent – and he really is excellent. What an inspiring man!! We have a wonderful chat about the politics in the country and he talks about the latest mine protesting (which we hadn’t heard about), how things can be improved with the young being well educated, and taught to work hard as opposed to having their hands out. He talks about the overall education levels and how they don’t realise that by burning government buildings or schools in protests they are just hurting themselves and wasting time & money.  He teaches a group of young men soccer and is desperately trying to organise soccer balls & soccer clothes for them.

Kruger Mpumalanga Airport – This is such a rad little airport! We check in at one of the two open counters for Livingstone. The planes here are tiny, holding thumbs for a smooth take off and flight! Turns out there is an SAA Airlink plane which just landed which we will be getting on. Phew:)

Ok maybe not. This plane is still tiny and looks like it was made in the 1840’s with ashtrays in place and little bits rusted & falling off. Shame, an American starts freaking out as we board… it looks like he suffers from claustrophobia and has to take some sedatives. It reminds me to be grateful for my blessings. I may suffer from motion sickness but it certainly isn’t as bad as this. I guess we all look at our shortcomings and view them as big bad faults, I know I hate my own faults/issues and often wish them away. Yet it’s not often that you stop and think about how much worse it could be and be grateful for the little ‘problems’ you do have. I can cope with my motion sickness ‘issue’ and have learnt to live with it and/or avoid situations where necessary. I feel lucky.

YAY WE’RE IN ZAMBIA! First time for everything 😀

The airport is small:) We made our way through border controls, exiting Zambia & entering Zimbabwe. It’s funny being in a different country again using a different currency and needing to work everything out in dollars. Gosh my math is BAD. I really should practise a little more and not be so reliant on my calculator!!!

Victoria Falls Hotel is lovely, but very colonial. Not really our vibe but still remarkable:) There are loads of old pictures on the wall and there are also heaps of dead stuffed animals on the walls which is rather upsetting when you’ve just finished a part of your holiday on a game lodge!! Rich decided I should kiss a warthog…

It is SO funny seeing warthogs running across the lawn of this colonial, posh hotel with their tails up!! They are so cute!! There is an incredible view of the bridge & a walkway close by which takes you to the falls but we’re tired and take it chilled at the hotel for the evening, preferring to stuff our faces with food and explore the hotel:)

We organise our day for tomorrow to make sure we don’t miss out on anything. The activities we want to do are really expensive, and we hesitate, but we’ve come all the way here, it would be such a shame not to do everything…  😉

(Rich and I are SO BAD for each other when it comes to cash hahahaha) ‘live for the moment’ is starting to dent the bank;) Haha. We need to practise some more self-control I think! We book a trip to devils pool for tomorrow and a helicopter ride for Wednesday morning 😀

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