Dream holiday diary #8


Woke up super early this morning to be at breakfast by 6:30,  as we are meeting the Victoria Falls ‘Angels’ at 7:15 who will take us for our helicopter flight. YAY! More adventures!

It is our last holiday breakfast but we both feel ready to come home. Rich is missing the cats and I am absolutely missing my darling doggies. Can’t WAIT to see them!!!! Kira will most likely just get over excited and run around in little circles. She’s speshil. But I know Loki will be overjoyed to see us and make little crying noises in his excitement. Love them to bits:) I am even looking forward to seeing ol Bas & Molly 😉 Bas will definitely be dribbling like a mofo, he loves Rich to bits and will go mad when he gets home.

The helicopter place looks really cool and I am SO EXCITED THAT WE GET A ZEBRA HELICOPTER. YAY MEEEE. There is a gorgeous bird who hangs around and collects all the bugs that get blown off the ground when the chopper starts up.

Our helicopter ride is STUNNING! HELICOPTERS ARE SOOO RAD! I wasn’t motion sick at all and loved every second! Cant believe I have never tried a helicopter before. Definitely keen for a Cape Town flight now:)

Aaah, it’s the end of the holiday as our bags are all packed & we’re ready to go! We go through the Zimbabwe & Zambia border controls for the last time today, I feel like they’re my best mates we have gone through so many times in the past 2 days, and we happily talk to them about Devils Pool after we mentioned it to them yesterday. I have to add that it has been SO RAD travelling through Zambia & Zim as South Africans. The other foreigners are charged an arm and a leg for visas and things, (felt sorry for the aussies this morning who were charged $50 just to cruise to the airport! Ie: be in the country less than one hour!) While we just cruise through at super speed as many times as we like. Stamp stamp DONE. Yippee.

Now, we are currently in the plane from JHB to Cape Town and I’m tired so going to try for a nap! Been really lucky on these 2 flights today as we’ve had empty seats next to us!

Yay! Next stop >> HOME 😀

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