Eliminate stress by operating from a place of being

Eliminate stress forever and have complete peace of mind… by operating from a place of “being“ rather than “doing & having“ – Torsten Lueddecke

Perceived stress is normally associated with either high workload, expectations (that we experience as pressure) or worries and concerns that we have.
This is focusing our minds on “Doing” and “Having”.

1) Doing: The complete list of what we think we have “to do”,
2) Having: All our expectations of “having” certain results and outcomes in life. This includes worries, as we worry that our future might not “have” the desired outcome.

If we let go of our mental focus on “doing & having“ and instead focus on who we want to “be“,  all perceived stress will disappear as our mind will no longer stare at an endless list of To Dos. Now our doing will simply flow naturally out of the chosen states of being, one step at a time. Focusing on who we want to be creates an extremely powerful, calming, peaceful and congruent mindset. Our being becomes the sole source of our doing which in turn becomes nothing but an expression of who we are.

By fully expressing who you are, the results become secondary. If you are being the woman you want to be, you will create whatever result you will create and be perfectly fine with it. Although it is no longer of primary importance, chances are that your results will be extraordinary as you no longer experience creating them as an effort but simply as an expression of who you are. You will totally let go of expecting a certain outcome though and be at peace with whatever results you create because you know that how you have shown up is congruent with your highest intention.

In summary, simply ask yourself the question “Who do you want to be?” and that is the way you show up in life and operate from. On one level you no longer view your “Doing” as “Doing” but more as an expression of who you are.

We all know that when our life comes to an end one day it is about “who we have been”, not “what we have done”.

Written by Torsten Lueddecke

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