Fight for our Rhinos by Braam Malherbe

I found this article Fight for our Rhinos by Braam Malherbe, and wanted to share it. Every word resonates with me and I truly hope we can unite to create a better world for us all where every person and animal is safe from harm.

The plight of the rhino is a symbol of man’s greed on the one hand and his ignorance on the other. Our rhinos will be extinct inside of the next decade if we don’t act fast.

What a horror for our species to not have the Big 5 but the Big 4, because we could not unite to save them! In 2010 some 333 rhino were butchered, in 2011 there were 448 killed and last year 668… In 2013 already 102 rhinos were poached and killed in just 60 days!

I have long campaigned for our species to understand and embrace the concept of ‘connectedness’. Our Earth system has evolved for over 3.5 billion years, each species has evolved to what it is today, whether it be the sea anemone, a butterfly, a flower or a rhino. And each species is inextricably linked to other species on which their very survival depends.

Our planet, our home, is currently undergoing the largest mass extinction in its history…an estimated 50, 000 species are going extinct annually on Earth (which is the conservative view of scientists), and we are the cause of their demise.

So what can we do differently?

I have a few solutions:

  1. Respect all life; make healthy choices in what we do, (whether food, energy or the cars we drive).
  2. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse…really, do you?
  3. Every species gives to one or more other species (honey bee / flower) which ensures that species’ survival. We should do the same…give, instead of just take.

Get your MyPlanet card and help save the rhinoAnd here is an opportunity to GIVE, right now, without it costing you a cent, every time you shop, over and over and over… simply get a MyPlanet card for free, nominate EWT Rhino Fund as your beneficiary and every time you shop money will be donated to save our rhino.

Be an active part of the solution…because you can!

Read the full article here.

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