What I have been experiencing over the last 3 days is just so magical I wish I could put it in words. It’s almost as if I have now received a glimpse of what it means to really be more present and live in a state of happiness or enthusiasm/excitement (or maybe it’s just peace?!) and I can’t and don’t want to let it go. Everywhere I go it seems like things are just working for me – I dont know how to explain it! Sometimes the happiness just wants to BURST right out of me. Haha. I know I sound crazy. Don’t get me wrong!! I’m not a giggling, bouncing bundle of fun, I just feel at peace, happy and excited for life and nothing that happens in the day is getting me down.  It’s so weird! But so awesome.

I am excited again about small things like planting flowers, walking my dogs, going for a hike and watching my brother play rugby. I feel like I lost my zest for small enjoyments over the past few months/years. I feel really motivated to do everything in a way I can’t remember feeling before or havent felt for a long time! I am almost afraid that it’s going to come crashing down and I won’t feel it anymore, BUT I also know that if I have a bad day, I can and will just pick myself up again and work my way back to this:)

I did just do a weekend at a transformational workshop hosted by Vernon Frost and his amazing assistant, Di. (I just love her!!!) the workshop was wonderful and mind-blowing and I definitely credit the way I have been feeling to that.

In the workshop we were suggested to share this message in the way we say “how are you” and I actually cannot believe the change it makes in some people. When you are interacting with someone.. have this in your mind “I honour the light and the life within you”. Someone you might have thought was going to be or was being difficult suddenly becomes really helpful and friendly.  Its really incredible, try it and you’ll see! Maybe it just creates a better connection to that person in that moment when you’re really focusing on them with good wishes (or I’m crazy) but either way it works;)

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