Ideas on how to really help a new mom

I’ve pretty much been the most useless friend to some of my besties who have become a new mom in the last year, so figured I should create this list so I am prepared next time ;)

A short list of how to REALLY help a new mom

  1. Take their other kids somewhere for a few hours or even the whole day
  2. Bring food nutritious food for tired parents
  3. Organise someone to clean the house but make sure they are only there for a short time
  4. Watch their baby while they take a nap or babysit while your friend showers, then put both your friend and her baby to bed!
  5. Take mom and baby for an outing out of the house plan a little adventure for your friend and her new baby, making sure its nearby and obviously baby friendly
  6. Go to the grocery store for her or offer to watch her baby while she goes to the grocery store
  7. Offer to run errands with or for her
  8. Don’t stay too long new moms usually want their privacy and space
  9. wash your hands before holding the baby without having to be asked
  10. Ask “how can I help” but be more specific… like “I’m at Baby City do you need anything?”

If you have any more ideas please send them to me!

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