Learnings from Synchro Destiny

It speaks of enlightenment as a place where there is no worry or fear. They say when you understand life and the way the universe works: the flow of energy and intelligence that guides every moment then you begin to feel amazed at the miracle of life. That mundane things don’t bother you anymore. How I wish to stop being affected by outward events, meaningless issues that cause serious irritation to me for a few hours, days out weeks, sometimes even months or years, but on closer examination are really just situations or fleeting thoughts that get stuck in your psyche and harboured.

In these books I really understand what they are saying. I understand, accept and believe. I recognise the magic in the world. The nature of the universe, laws of attraction etc. But then why doesn’t it stick into my head? Why do these inspired thoughts then go out the window as soon as the moment passes. Sometimes the enlightened feelings last just hours, other times weeks. But ultimately dissipate until I read again.

Reflect back on the coincidences in life and all the incidents that have led me right here. That have shaped who I am, my values, who I have become or wanted to be.

What have been the seeds of my life work? My passions. What circumstances have brought me to read these books. Have led me to my career options and the people I have met.

Everything is related. Every small action affects something else.

Note for myself:
Page 28 fish in a school. Great intelligence that lies at the heart of nature and manifests in our soul.

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