Oasis Association – Christmas Food Drive

I went for a visit to the Oasis Book shop today. (I didn’t even know they had a bookstore!) When living in Kenilworth I used to regularly drop off recycling at the Oasis Association Recycling depot and give a small monthly donation every time I dropped off recycling.  What I didn’t know back then was that they provide services for over 250 men, women & children with intellectual disabilities.

This is employment for people who would otherwise not be able to find work, and thus not be able to provide food on the table for themselves or any of their family members. What a wonderful initiative…Thank you Oasis!!!

During the year, the Oasis Day Centre provides meals for the children as well as for the neediest adults at the workshop.  The Oasis Association closes for 4 weeks over the festive season which can result in a very bleak festive season for those with disabilities and difficult financial circumstances, while others will be celebrating and eating until their tummies feel like bursting! During the period when they are closed, they initiate a food drive to collect food or money so they are able to provide every one with a food parcel to keep them going over the festive season.

As we arrived they were all so friendly, and we were greeted by every single person as we made our way to the bookstore. There is so much friendliness, helpfulness, big smiles, and love – even though they may not have been blessed like so many others. This really warms my heart and makes me feel really ridiculous for complaining at my life’s small problems. At least there are solutions to my problems, a fact I all too often forget! If you think you have problems, I encourage you to just spend 15 minutes there. You will leave feeling blessed.

I know many of you out there have your own preferred charities or organisations you like to help, but should you not have a special cause of your own, I appeal to you to please help make the Oasis food drive a reality. Even if you are only able to supply one item of food, it will make a difference I can assure you!!!!

The cost of 1 food parcel is R409.17 and includes the following items:

Peanut butter, tinned fish (pilchards), tinned vegetables, baked beans, lentils, dried beans, soya mince, samp, maize meal, rice, pasta, sugar, tinned fruit, jam, condensed milk, tea, long life milk, sweets, biscuits, jelly, cooldrink mixes.

OR you can download the Food list PDF OasisFoodHampers.

Come on guys, I know all of you have at least one of the above items lying around in your cupboard!!! I will be happy to collect any food items.

There is a collection point at their recycling depot in Claremont off Lansdowne road (address is 33 Lee road but entrance off Lansdowne), and financial donations can be deposited directly into their bank account.

Oasis Association
Bank: First National Bank
Acc Number: 593 7179 7078
Branch Code: 200 109

Please note FOOD PARCEL with your name and contact details as reference on EFT or on your deposit slip.

You can find out more information about the Oasis Association via their website.


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