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    The SMILE category is a selection of thought provoking articles and my favourite quotes from books that I believe will help you find some light when you feel stuck in the dark.

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    Three dimensions of Personal Freedom

    The Three Dimensions of Personal Freedom – written by Torsten Lueddecke Introduction: Let us start with the obvious. Not so obvious, but the first person to restrict your freedom is yourself. The way you define yourself, see yourself and characterize yourself is a massive restriction of your freedom as you don’t allow yourself to show up any other way. The second dimension of personal freedom, “freedom from social convention” seems obvious but is so all-dominant than we are to question the very foundations of what we think and what we do.  Once we have dealt with ourselves and the society we were born into, we finally tackle spacetime. The way we move…

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    Eliminate stress by operating from a place of being

    Eliminate stress forever and have complete peace of mind… by operating from a place of “being“ rather than “doing & having“ – Torsten Lueddecke Perceived stress is normally associated with either high workload, expectations (that we experience as pressure) or worries and concerns that we have. This is focusing our minds on “Doing” and “Having”. 1) Doing: The complete list of what we think we have “to do”, 2) Having: All our expectations of “having” certain results and outcomes in life. This includes worries, as we worry that our future might not “have” the desired outcome. If we let go of our mental focus on “doing & having“ and instead focus…

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    The LOVE category is to remind you that no matter what you are going through, adding more love to your life will help. Love makes the world a better place. Be kind. Be helpful. Do something good for others every single day. Allow love to guide your actions.

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    The DREAM category is filled with motivational articles to help you fulfill your hopes and dreams.

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    Overcome these 6 obstacles to Mindfulness by Joe Wilner

    “Imagine what it would be like to really live moment by moment. To be fully immersed in what you’re doing and not be consumed with future desires or past regrets. It’s easy to get lost in the past or caught up in hopes for the future. Not that focusing on either of these is a problem, but often the most joy and contentment comes when we are engaged in what is happening right now! Further, when we live in the moment we can stay more focused on living intentionally. We can make choices deliberately instead of based on impulsive reactions. Success is a day by day achievement. Don’t let your…

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    Mental Health Awareness

    “Monsters dont sleep under your bed… they sleep inside your head” – Unknown There are so many different people in this world… People who think and react completely differently to the same situation. What causes us to react so differently? Is it the assumptions we decide to believe? Is it the way we are brought up? Our insecurities? Previous experiences? Reality and perspective seem to mean something different for everyone. I received a lot of mixed reactions from a post I wrote a few years ago about how depressed I was feeling and how people can be more supportive. The Background I had been fighting with a close friend for…

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    Remembering Ryan

    Ryan McIntosh5 July 1982 – 25 June 2006 He was my partner-in-crime for most of my young life and I often wish for just one day of reminiscing with him. even one hour. or just one minute. We fought like cat & dog but he was my big brother and I loved him. If you have any of your own pictures of my brother, please share them with me! Email andi@smiledreamlove.com.

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    A Tribute to Ossi Rubin

    A tribute to the wonderful man who was my second dad – Ossi Rubin. I cannot believe 8 years have gone by…it feels like just yesterday… Driving to school every morning from Hout Bay along Victoria road to Camps Bay. Mainly in a happy silence, listening to Celine Dion belting out her beautiful french album… I knew the words by heart but had no idea what they meant. Sometimes with a car piled up with friends; Marco, Juliano, Brenton, Sian, Justine or Claudia. Sitting with you on the bench in the evenings watching the koi fish. I still remember my excitement on the day you said I could have my own. I…

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    25 June 2006

    Every year on this date I wake up at around 2 or 3am and think about Ryan. What had he been doing right now on that morning that changed our lives forever? Had he been awake the whole night? waiting? or had he set an alarm? Did he know he was going to take his life that morning or was it done in an impulsive moment? Why did he take his life at that time in his life? When things finally seemed to be going well for him? At the one time when we all least expected it… I know it’s silly to dwell on these types of questions I…