Roadtrip! Caledon to Knysna

Woke up early to take advantage of the hot springs one last time before leaving Caledon Hotel. I left Nick to catch some more sleep while I went to swim but just after getting in I see he’s walking up the stairs to join me. Lol. These pools are too tempting and inviting to say no to! We enjoy the pools to ourselves for a little while before we had back to pack and have breakfast before checkout.

And of course headed over to the casino to try another round of gambling with our R100 freeplay vouchers 😉 I had a lucky streak on the first night and won over R300. Queen of the Nile was my bitch:) so much fun! My machine literally wouldn’t stop beeping with winning credits and free games. I don’t think we stopped laughing for an hour! had two out of three of each option and it looked like I could win 100k if I got the third grand jackpot, till I pushed the wrong button and the game restarted.. my bad. I may need some lessons 😎

Unfortunately didn’t win big but did cash out my winnings☺

Next stop – lunch in Mossel Bay and on to  Knysna for the night.  I would not recommend ordering the prawns at The Pavilion in Mossel Bay #justsaying

Arrived at the Oyster Creek Lodge and greeted by Gerhard as we arrived who showed us to our room (and gave us a free upgrade) – great guy!!! The lodge building itself looks smaller than I anticipated from the pictures, but the views are just as breathtaking! Our room is super comfy with everything you need plus an electric blanket and cremora for my morning coffee. For this I give 7 stars!!!!!

Went for a little clothes shopping spree at the Knysna mall followed by yummy Chinese and sushi dinner at Wu’s.

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