Roadtrip! Knysna to Plett

Woke with the morning light coming through the top of the A-frame windows. I was happy as it meant I’d be up in time to take sunrise pics of the lagoon! Soooo beautiful! Got up, showered and packed by 7 (much to Nicks horror who enjoys his late mornings).

I left him to sleep and explored the garden taking pictures, and chatting to the gardener who does a wonderful job! Love it when people take so much pride in their work. Got back inside to the smells of breakfast and was really impressed by the selection! 5 star offerings. The promise of bacon soon got Nick up and then we were on our way.

Next stop – Plett!

We don’t have much time here and there’s lots we want to do so immediately made our way toward the Elephant Sanctuary in the Crags just outside Plett. What an absolutely incredible experience. I actually burst into happy tears after our guide was finished I was so overwhelmed by how much love and passion was shown by our guide Patrick when he talked about the elephants. I enquired about the owner and was delighted to hear he is also very passionate and caring and does not allow anyone to even shout at the elephants. Patrick tells me he is a wonderful man and when he arrives he goes to each elephant to talk to them and check them over to make sure they are healthy and happy.

I laugh remembering Nicks expression when I started crying. He was so confused like wtf am I crying??! Try to explain it’s happy tears through my sobs but he just gets this look on his face like *girls be crazy* lol.

We shoot through to Bloukrans Bridge for Nick’s Bungy Jump booking. We had to walk along this deadly looking gangplank to the spot under the bridge where you can jump from. I dare not look down through the wire to the river and rocks that lie 216 metres below us. With each step thinking how easily it would be for one little rusted piece to break 🙈 I’m starting to feel nauseous now at the thought of what Nick is doing and I am SO GLAD it is not me. My nerves just can’t take that shit anymore. My measly Gouritz bridge swing of 65metres when I was 16 is enough for me!

Next stop – Monkey land!
Unfortunately we could only choose either Monkeyland OR Birds of Eden due to the time. I looooove birds so this is definitely first on my list next time I am here. Monkeyland is great! So beautiful and peaceful inside the forest listening to all the monkeys calling out to each other. Loved the sound of the Gibbons. Wooooooooppp (Google or youtube the sound) and they are just toooo damn cute. Like cheeky children jumping from tree to tree and having such fun sliding down the plastic on the roof of the introduction cage. I could watch them forever.

Sad to be leaving tomorrow! Been such a great time with my precious little brother.

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