Shopping at Bicester Village

I didn’t really know what to expect when the hubby suggested we go to Bicester Village, but I can definitely say it surpassed any expectations I had for it. For one, there are fairy lights and lanterns everywhere! Any place with fairy lights wins my vote instantly 🙂

We arrived about an hour before sunset, the shopping centre was buzzing with people from young school kids, students, couples and families making their way around. It is huge. There are brand stores on either side of you as you walk along the paved streets with Chinese lanterns and lights overhead.

Shop after shop with recognisable names and after taking a peak at some of the prices I may have just looked around in wonder at all the people that spend so much money on clothes! Queue my judgement that they are all mad 🙂 including my husband who is a brand slut. Personally, I would much rather buy twenty items from Primark for the same price as just one of these tops 😉

Aside from that, Bicester Village is utterly beautiful and worth a visit, even if you don’t intend to buy anything.

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