Step Up

Oh my boy… How I long to see your face over the Epping stable door. How I long for your soft velvety nose and gentle eyes when I am patting the other horses. How I wish that there had been something different I could have done to save you. I think back to that morning when I just felt so utterly desperate, confused, helpless, yearning with every being in my soul to know what was right. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. in my heart I felt that saving you was the right thing to do, but in my head I wondered if I was just being selfish.

You touched my soul with your love and trust in everyone at  Cart Horse trying to help you. How beautifully gentle you were, even after a hard life on the roads. I will remember you forever, and the Horse Sanctuary will be a tribute to you.