Sun City

Sean and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Sun City seeing as we were in Johannesburg and it seemed a shame to miss out on such a great adventure!

On arrival in the Sun City area we headed toward the African Kingdom Resort which is where we had booked our accommodation. It was outside Sun City, but was listed at a great rate on We later realised why 😉

The African Kingdom Resort is beautiful! Perhaps even a little too manicured for an African getaway in the bush. We explored the resort a bit first as we had arrived before check in. There is a restaurant, kids area and beautiful rock pool.  The place looked quite deserted aside from the occasional staff member.

Our villa was gorgeous and spacious. Loved the decor and feel of the villa. Everything looked brand new.

Sun City!

After exploring the resort and unpacking our things we headed to Sun City. I didn’t realise there were so many costs included in actually entering Sun City, and that is when we realised why our accommodation was cheaper. If a family were to stay for a few days, just buying entry could blow your daily budget.

For this reason I would recommend staying inside Sun City if possible, I’m not convinced the saving on accommodation actually saves you at all.

Once inside though it is all worth it. Such a tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere! We had so much fun in the pool, unable to help the giddiness when the alarm sounds and you know the wave is going to come. (even though its tiny lol) There’s just something about that alarm… (think war of the worlds)

I somehow also agreed to try the Temple of Courage – without a doubt the first and last time. That was THE scariest moment of my life. When I pushed off the back of my body left the slide and I was convinced I had fallen out and was going to smash into the rocks below. I might be a little paranoid. Turns out I am safe 😉 But once is enough for me :))

A highlight was meeting Ma’a Nonu! The Hurricanes were staying at Sun City before their game against South Africa next week.

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