The opportunity of a lifetime…

I woke up feeling a bit grumpy on Tuesday morning due to some nightmares I had.. whenever I have nightmares it can take a few hours to snap me out of that analytical / brooding state of mind. Luckily for me…. my day was about to spin in a direction I would never have seen coming.

I received a phone call from Nix, one of my bests, who had just had an op. I thought she was phoning to let me know she was still at home so I could visit! She had a different idea in mind…. “how’d you like to go away on a free holiday???” uummmm. NO BRAINER. HELL YES. “Thing is…. you need to leave tomorrow”.

Shit. Knowing Rich with his logical mind, combined with his current hectic work schedule and his dedication to his band, I knew it was more than a long shot he would be willing to just up and leave. I was of course beyond excited at this opportunity but realistically I knew the chances of us pulling this off were low. We are both not exactly what you would classify as spontaneous. He likes to think things through, I easily get paranoid of things going wrong.. we usually plan things properly!

That wasn’t about to stop me though. This is literally a dream come true, and it landed right in my lap. I’ve been preaching about living life to the full, I am sure as hell going to do whatever I can to make this happen:D Life is too short to worry about work stuff 😉

I phoned Richie who immediately said “you have 2 seconds, Im rushing to a meeting”. So I made those 2 seconds count, Im surprised he actually heard what I said I was speaking so fast. “Nix & Nic are offering us an all expenses paid trip to the Ulusaba Game Lodge & Victoria Falls *happiness* …. but we have to leave tomorrow *silence*. My heart dropped, damn. He said he would think about it, check his diary, the next 2 weeks are pretty crucial and there is NO WAY he can leave work now for a holiday. aaah Richie…

After half a day of umming and aahing, we had decided that I should go anyway and would just take someone with me…. (but it wouldnt be the same staying in 5star hotels without Richie) After having a brief chat to his boss, he popped me a message after 1pm saying “Im coming!!!”

YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!!!!!

This is really happening!!!! My hands are sweating. My heart is beating a million beats per second. The paranoia hits ; oh my gosh there is SOOO much to organise!!!

Yellow fever vaccs, malaria tablets, find a house sitter for our dogs & cats, food for the house sitter, clean the house for the house sitter, leave a note about our house & when to feed dogs etc, print and organise our itinery and vouchers, buy electricity, Find passports. oh shit. where is my passport????!!

Surprisingly enough, everything worked out perfectly. My doctor went out of his way to find and organise that we could get our yellow fever vaccinations the following day at 10am. Rich could only leave work between 9:30-11 so that worked out like clockwork!!!   YES!!! My hairdresser can squeeze me in at 11. (NFW!!! they are in Hout Bay where the Dr is so PERFECT timing) Woops, I have an appointment next Wednesday morning with a doctor and he usually has a waiting period of about 3 months to get an appointment. NFW. The secretary can fit me in for Thursday morning!!! loving life:)

Bode offers to housesit. My dad offers us his fabulous camera with the amazing zoom. Everything just falls into place perfectly and is organised in record time. NFWx1000. I really have done something right in my life:)

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