The Pole Yard

This morning we went to The Pole Yard in Paarden Eiland to take a look around at their fencing options. We need to safeguard our pool against children or babies falling in (even burglars)! It is required by law that your pool is fenced so others who cannot swim are not at risk of drowning.

I have to say that I am HUGELY impressed by the level of service we received at The Pole Yard. We literally just went in to have a look around and get an idea of our options; and we left with a complete quote for every single item of material we would need (including nuts & bolts!) as well as detailed instructions of how to install the fence ourselves should we need or want to.

This might seem like ordinary service to the average person out there, but I can assure you that in Cape Town, it can be extremely difficult to find staff that actually know what they are talking about and go the extra mile to help you out with what you are looking for. All too often you are met with blank stares, one-word answers and no real help at all. We didn’t purchase anything, yet this gentleman went to unexpected lengths to ensure we were happy & confident at moving forward with our fence. (Yes we will definitely be going back to buy our fence which they will make to our specifications!)

I admit, having worked in the client service industry for most of my career, I pay close attention to service levels and most of the time I am left disappointed and sometimes even very frustrated. Today I left that store extremely impressed.

Next time you want to buy some cool outdoor stuff or even a fence, go visit The Pole Yard:)