Ziplining at Caledon Hotel

Breakfast was delish! Everything you can think of on offer! Really impressed. We explored the garden a bit after breakfast, love how they have placed name signs in front of their trees so you know you are looking at. They really have some lovely finishing touches here. (Except for the fake fireplace in the Blue Crane Restaurant. Come on guys. A fireplace that has a sign saying “this is just for decoration” is NOT ON.)

Did some admin and then grabbed a bunch of flyers to see what touristy things we could do this week and made our way to the SA Adventure Tours office on the Caledon Hotel estate. They offer Ziplining and Quad Biking. I was more keen on the Quad Bikes but Nick was amped to go ziplining…*greeeeat*. I really don’t like heights. Our guides Imzo and Sipho (aka Zuma) say its only two stories so I decide to give it a try too. Fuckers didn’t tell me the one tree was seriously high. Higher than two stories!! I’m on zipline #3 and I braked a little too hard before stopping so he has to grab my leg and pull me in lol. Of course I made the mistake of looking down and panicked a little. If I didn’t have to go on the next one to actually get down I might have bailed the adventure there and then! I’m starting to feel some real love for these legends now, they are so patient and reassuring, and their professionalism puts me at ease.  Fortunately the next 6 ziplines are also way more fun and I could relax a lot more having gone past the highest point :)) Yes… I realise these are the lowest ziplines in Western Cape okay 😛

The last two are the best with Sipho bouncing the cable as we come down, mini bridge swing 😀 and the forest is so gorgeous right here with the sunlight streaming in through the trees.

We make our way to the room to get ready for our SPA treatments. Mineral pools, reflexology, sauna and full body massages. yayyyyyyyy us!

Quick dinner and back to the room for an early night to plan the next few days.

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