Books to teach children kindness

Stunning collection of books for children. I think many of these were originally posted on and I’ve included a few others x

Stick and Stone – about the power of standing up for others

Stand tall, Molly Lou Melon – Shows how kindness is a choice

One – Embracing differences

Strictly No Elephants – Helps kids think about the ramifications of excluding others and how it makes them feel.

I Walk With Vanessa – a story about a simple act of kindness

Nerdy Birdy – everyone deserves to be treated with kindness

The Big Umbrella – shows how there is always room for including everyone

The Smallest Girl In The Smallest Grade – No matter how small you are, you can always speak up for what is right.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee – Being kind means showing up for others in need

A Chair for my Mother – classic childrens book about kindness

Grumpy Goat – Shows the power of simply sitting with a friend who’s upset

The Rabbit Listened – How to be there for someone who is struggling

Good People Everywhere – shows kids examples of the good people are doing at this moment

Horrible Bear – Picture book teaching kids how to assume the best in others.

Ribbit – teaches the power of assigning positive intent when someone else’s behaviour doesnt make sense.

Dragon was Terrible – Helps kids assign positive intent to someone theyre not getting along with.

The Story Book Knight – creative ways to solve problems

Most people – teaches kids what it means to be good or bad

We’re all Wonders – everyone deserves kindness no matter what

Here we are – notes for living on planet earth – be kind to others and animals

Should I share my ice cream

Kniffle Bunny Free

Little Fox in the forest

The girl and the bicycle

A Hat for Mrs Goldman

Enemy Pie – choose kindness, even when dealing with an enemy

The fox wish – why you might decide to give away something you love, simply to make someone else happy

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