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    Chapter 8 – A Focus on Health, Hope and Faith

    I reread one of my early favourites >> John Kehoe – Mind Power into the 21st Century. I feel more focused now on guarding my mind and keeping out negative thoughts. Six months ago I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to even entertain the idea of controlling negative thoughts. I didn’t have control no matter what I tried. On the right medication and settled into my own space I am able to use and practise the techniques in the book. In writing down my most common thoughts, these came up “I am so miserable” “I’ll never be happy” “everyone else is much better at me at everything” “life is…

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    Mental Health Awareness

    “Monsters dont sleep under your bed… they sleep inside your head” – Unknown There are so many different people in this world… People who think and react completely differently to the same situation. What causes us to react so differently? Is it the assumptions we decide to believe? Is it the way we are brought up? Our insecurities? Previous experiences? Reality and perspective seem to mean something different for everyone. I received a lot of mixed reactions from a post I wrote a few years ago about how depressed I was feeling and how people can be more supportive. The Background I had been fighting with a close friend for…

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    Chapter 7 – Health, Anxiety, Depression

    My moods dropped very very low in those final days of January, even though some special friends were doing their utmost to keep me busy. I worry that I will not be able to earn an income in the future. I feel like I have some kind of technical burn out. A complete inability to to handle any form of stress.  Deadlines and stressed colleagues basically send me into a catatonic state.  I can do physical labour for hours… but a computer? Can’t bear to open it… Relationships? Who wants to be with someone who is fine as long as everything is fine… why would anyone choose that uncertainty for a…

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    Remembering Ryan

    Ryan McIntosh5 July 1982 – 25 June 2006 He was my partner-in-crime for most of my young life and I often wish for just one day of reminiscing with him. even one hour. or just one minute. We fought like cat & dog but he was my big brother and I loved him. If you have any of your own pictures of my brother, please share them with me! Email andi@smiledreamlove.com.

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    Chapter 6 – Life…. WTF?!

    Chapter 6 marks the spiral of my anxiety disorder and major depression, forcing me to evaluate everything I had ever thought or believed about life, and my desperate scramble to regain pieces of me that felt lost.

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    Why share your story on a blog?

    Sometimes I would just type in a sentence of how I am feeling and stumble on the most powerful article or blog post that makes me feel better, teaches me something about myself, or is so thought provoking that I come to my own conclusion on challenges I am facing. So I will write my story in hopes that one day one of my posts will be found and make someone feel better.