Coronavirus diary

March 2020

I’ve been watching the numbers. Interesting how it went from about 5000 cases a day for a few days.. then 10 000… then suddenly it jumped to 20 000 every 24 hrs.

UK is currently sitting on 5 018 cases. Yesterday the country went into lockdown. Everyone who can, is now working from home. Schools are closed. People are panic buying. There is a lot of anxiety.

I’m not feeling panicky or anxious, but the seriousness of it is really starting to sink in. We’ve basically been in isolation for two weeks.

Working from home with Russ while looking after Lily has its ups and downs. It is incredible to be spending more time together as a family and not just rushing about as we go on with daily schedules and commitments. Thankfully the weather has started to heat up so we’re not just getting cabin fever inside all day.

I couldn’t be more grateful that we are in this house through a lockdown. We have space for all of us, a great garden to enjoy, and a park just across the road where I can take Lily and the dogs for daily walks without needing to ever get in my car. Also fortunate to be in the UK during this time where they place value on mental health needs (allowing us a daily hour of exercise), as well as the convenience and safety of online grocery shopping.

The downside is trying to work while Russ is on the phone ALL DAY LONG, walking round and round and up and down and inside and outside. Sometimes I’ve just managed to get Lily into an activity so I can take 20 minutes to focus on my work, only for Russ to walk in -> Lily to then want daddy attention, and Russ clicks his fingers at me to take her as he’s on an important call. And of course the times when she comes to grab my hand saying ‘come play with me mommy’ How do you say no to that?

As an introvert and someone who enjoys being at home, I was initially really excited at the prospect of working from home but it’s a bit different trying to work while needing to entertain a young child. My focus is constantly shifting now which isn’t the ideal environment for writing content. Our content at the moment is also largely based around mental health which needs a clear and calm head to convey the right points.

April 2020

Really starting to question this whole epidemic. The numbers don’t add up. Is it really neccessary to ruin millions of lives for something that is fundamentally a flu variant?

While we try to entertain a toddler at home all day with no friends, the idea of a sibling for Lily is becoming increasingly attractive! 2 kids play with each other right 😉

May 2020

Been in isolation for almost 2 months now. I have been furloughed from work which is a bit of relief so I can spend more time with Lily as opposed to trying to get her to watch TV most of the day. Husband still doesn’t know where the dishwasher is. Coronavirus cases have just passed 2 million. USA still leading with 614 000 cases with UK in 6 position with 93 873 after Germany with 132 000.

June 2020

I just got an extension of my furlough and have just discovered we are expecting baby #2! So much for having fun trying, it just takes us one shot haha. I mean honestly. how lucky can someone get? but amidst all the suffering going on it’s hard to really appreciate all this good fortune. but I will!

July 2020

For some reason we have decided a bigger house in the country will be more ideal! so next week we are moving to a giant farmhouse on the outskirts of Henley on Thames.

August 2020

I was hospitalised this week with severe Hyperemesis. I begged Russ not to send me to hospital to die! but after 2 months of vomiting, losing over 10kgs and not being able to keep food or liquids down and being too weak to get up or out of bed, he called an ambulance and the paramedics are adamant I need to go with them. I usually enjoy hospitals, but being admitted to hospital during a worldwide pandemic is terrifying. News reports of people dying alone, without even being able to see or say goodbye to their family members.

September 2020

The coronavirus situation is starting to ease up. Everything is slowly opening up and going back to a fairly normal lifestyle. Whilst I love our new environment, surrounded by fields and sheep, what I didn’t consider is how lonely it would feel out here. I think it would have been different if I was still going into the office everyday. I am now working from home, Russ is working in the office in London, and Lily is attending daycare during my work hours. Soooo… Im kinda walking around this big house by myself with absolute silence (I often work best in silence) and it is starting to feel like The Shining.

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