Making Decisions

Life is all about choice. Every day you are faced with countless decisions to make; from the smallest thing like choosing what to wear, to big life changing decisions like deciding whether to emigrate or change jobs.

I sometimes get so worried about making the wrong decision that I don’t make any decision at all and sit there with my mind stuck in a loop of what I should do. Highly annoying!!

As with most things in my life, when I feel stuck on something I turn to those I admire for advice and when it comes to life I can’t help but gravitate toward Torsten Lueddecke who lives life in such a way that it must bring a smile to all he comes in contact with.

He gave me this gem of a quote after I was moaning about how paralysed I get when trying to make the right decision.

“It is not about making a good or bad decision. It is also not about making the right decision. We never know how our lives would have turned out if we had made a different decision. It simply makes it the decision you need to take at that very moment to be congruent with who you are and what you want in life.

What a liberating thought! What paralyses us is wanting to make the right decision isn’t it? When we get that there is no such thing, decisions become fun and we can fuck up as many times as we want. We can also make new decisions anytime we want. The fun never stops. “ – Torsten Lueddecke

Fantastic isn’t it? So I wanted to put some guideline ideas together to help with decision making while taking into account the values that are important to me.

What are the pros and cons of each decision?
Which option fills me with excitement? (Remember anxiety can be misconstrued for healthy excitement or nervousness)
Which option could result in a grand adventure?

If you have already made a decision but are facing opposition from others or have your own doubts, answer the questions below. I’m a big advocate for listening to your body and intuition to give you guidance. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.

Will this decision hurt the ones I love?
Do I feel good about the decision I have made?
Are there long term benefits to the choice I have made?
Is this decision congruent with who I am?
Will it lead me toward the life I want for myself?

Now the final judgement. The coin clip. It’s a cliche but it works.
Flip a coin on your decision. Sometimes you figure out exactly what you want when the choice is briefly out of your control.

Let me know if this helps!

If you need extra help, here are some great articles to read through.

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