Tigers Milk Winter Classic

I spent some time over the weekend taking photos at the Tigers Milk Winter Classic. It’s an annual surfing competition organised by the Tigers Milk Restaurant in Muizenberg promising to showcase the best surfers and stand up paddlers that South Africa has to offer.

I arrived at about 8am on a frosty Saturday morning. When I say it was cold it is an understatement! Even my camera was wondering wth. I couldn’t even take pictures because I had to keep wiping the mist off my lens. By the time it focuses there’s too much mist again haha

Took a bunch of sunrise shots and tried to capture the surfers but I probably should have had coffee before arriving, I kept getting distracted by other things like birds, a group of women learning to surf, couples or families enjoying the morning on the beach😉

Once I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore I made my way to Tigers Milk (it was SO nice and warm inside!!) and got treated to a full country breakfast. Absolutely DELICIOUS! It was a big serving on a pan, but I ate every tiny piece 🙂 I even said mid mouthful that I make a terrible food blogger, it looked so tasty I just started eating (this is usually what happens), forgetting that maybe a snap could have done it more justice than my ramblings. Oh well, you’ll just have to go try it for yourself ☺

Visit the Facebook photo album for more pictures.

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