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    Lily’s first Easter egg hunt

    Such a collection of special moments for Easter 2020 as I set out cleaning up the garden to create an easter egg hunt for Lily. I ordered these super cute easter garden signs to make finding the eggs easier (she is only 2.5 years), mowed the lawn, painstakingly picked out all the weeds on the lawn (blisters for my efforts), and cut away a ton of growth at the back to try and make a path all the way around. I under estimated how much work this would involve but in the process created a magical little tree hideout and got to spend loads of quality time with Lily in…

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    Random acts of kindness

    As Ghandi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” and I love this quote by Anne Frank “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” A Powerful Reminder That You Never Know Who Could Use a Little Compassion As we go about our day, our interactions with others can have a ripple effect that can touch many lives for good—and bad. In this animated short, we are reminded that we can pass on our stress and bad moods to the people we encounter but, just as easily, we can choose to treat others with grace…

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    Learnings from Synchro Destiny

    It speaks of enlightenment as a place where there is no worry or fear. They say when you understand life and the way the universe works: the flow of energy and intelligence that guides every moment then you begin to feel amazed at the miracle of life. That mundane things don’t bother you anymore. How I wish to stop being affected by outward events, meaningless issues that cause serious irritation to me for a few hours, days out weeks, sometimes even months or years, but on closer examination are really just situations or fleeting thoughts that get stuck in your psyche and harboured. In these books I really understand what…

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    Super Quotes

    A collection of my favourite life quotes. Some will inspire you. Some will comfort you. Some may just change your life.

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    Walking in Lightwater Country Park

    Loving all the beautiful parks in UK 😊💕 This is in Lightwater Country Park where you can feed ducks, let the kids play on the outdoor playground, walk dogs around the lakes or go for beautiful forest walks 🌳🦋 There are loads of different pathways to make your walk longer or shorter, so you might want to download the @alltrails app to find your way around😉