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    Developing deeper connections

    I feel like many of the relationships in my life mainly live on a superficial level. I yearn to have deep conversations with others, but how do you get to that point? There are rare occasions where you are in the right time, place and have the space to delve deeper into others thoughts. This becomes more prevalent when you have children and are limited to 20 second/5 minute conversations before you need to intervene in an activity or run after a toddler. I stumbled upon an article by Psychology Professor Arthur Aron based on developing closer relationships where he lists 36 questions/discussion points. I have listed my favourites below.…

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    Anxiety was a big part of my life for many years, and I am SO GRATEFUL that I do not struggle with constant anxiety anymore. It can be complete debilitating. Here are some of my top suggestions of managing anxiety. Chat to a friend Living with anxiety means you’re more receptive to moments of panic when situations don’t go as planned or something happens that you are struggling to make sense of. It can be hard to open up when you are still trying to make sense of your own feelings, but keep in mind that your anxiety may also be preventing you from seeing a situation in the right…

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    Learnings from Synchro Destiny

    It speaks of enlightenment as a place where there is no worry or fear. They say when you understand life and the way the universe works: the flow of energy and intelligence that guides every moment then you begin to feel amazed at the miracle of life. That mundane things don’t bother you anymore. How I wish to stop being affected by outward events, meaningless issues that cause serious irritation to me for a few hours, days out weeks, sometimes even months or years, but on closer examination are really just situations or fleeting thoughts that get stuck in your psyche and harboured. In these books I really understand what…

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    Super Quotes

    A collection of my favourite life quotes. Some will inspire you. Some will comfort you. Some may just change your life.

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    Be yourself. Be happy. Be free ❤

    “You cannot please everyone and you shouldn’t try to. You will lose yourself in the maze of what everyone else wants from or for you. One day you’ll wake up and see a stranger staring back at you in the mirror. You’ll wonder who you are when you take away everything people have made you to be. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t carry that kind of burden around for the rest of your life. Be who you are. Love what makes you who you are. Give yourself time to discover who you want to be and what you’d like to do. Don’t let anyone else take the reigns of…